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Exersize After C Section?

A.D. asks from Louisville

i gave birth 11 days ago and i know i cant do anything till after my six week check up but im freaking out over what ive been reading on the internet about c section ...


C-section Scar Extremely Itchy!

J.P. asks from Chicago

I had my second c-section about 8 months ago, and just recently, the scar has been driving me crazy. I feel like rubbing it constantly; not only does it then hurt, ...


2D Baby After Having a C-section

L.S. asks from Austin

I am pregnant with my second child. I had a c-section for the first baby. It was really painful and I was looking forward to be able to have a vaginal delivery. So...


Post C-section Questions

S.B. asks from Philadelphia

Hi, I had my c-section about 6 months ago. I have now lost almost all of my pregnancy weight, I exercise regularly & generally feel like my old self. Recently my son ...


VBAC Or Repeat C-section

M.M. asks from Buffalo

I am expecting my second and had a c-section with my first because we found out at 38.5 weeks that she was breech. Now I am faced with the decision whether to try for...


Any Moms Who Have Had a Primary Elective C-section?

J.A. asks from Los Angeles

For various reasons, I am considering a primary elective c-section. I'd like to hear from moms who have done this (or who seriously considered it and opted not to). ...


After C-section Pain and Subsequent Pregnancy

T.F. asks from Melbourne

I was wondering if anyone would mind sharing their experience with after c-section numbness and pain. What did you feel? How long did it last? How was the pain/num...


Horrible Feeling of Pressure After My C Section

T.W. asks from Chicago

I just recently had my second c-section on February 16th. Everything was going well and I was feeling great. However, in the last few days I started to have this hori...


Is Numbness on Belly After C-section Normal?

M.S. asks from Portland

I had a c-section at the end of October, and I have noticed the last few weeks that the skin on my belly is numb from about an inch below my belly button to my c-sect...


Vaginal vs C-section Delivery

B.H. asks from Kansas City

I have given birth to two healthy little girls by vaginal delivery w/ no complications. But my OB gave me the news yesterday, that I made need a c-section for number...

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