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Advice on Treatment of Keloid Scar from Cesarean

I had a large keloid scar from my first c-section, and my doctor was able to .... My C-section scars healed without keloids. I also had surgery on my elbow ...

"Need Advice on Scarring After Stitches"

My OB also recommended mederma for my c-section scar. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share. M.B. answers from Seattle on February 18, ...

Covering C-section Cut

Hey, you want a scar, try a tummy tuck!! Makes a c-section scar look like nothing. ... I had a c-section 15 months ago. You can't even see the scar now. ...

Does Milk Come in on Own When Scheduling a C Section?

I had my daughter almost 4 yrs ago went into labor then c section I already .... uterine or wound infection, possible scar tissue adhesions down the road, ...


Sep 9, 2009 ... Read all 15 responses: "I recently had a baby by c-section.What I have noticed is that when I lift ... c section scar · c section incision ...

My C-section Incision Has an Odor

Read all 20 responses: "I just had a c-section for the second time on Sept 24 ... I have a 24& 25 year old son&daughter and still have 2 clean the scar line ...

Pain in Insicion 2 1/2 Years After C-section

My first c-section, I had a lot of pain, until I had my next c-section. (1st- 2004, 2nd 2007) I had keloids (spelling??) where you have an overgrowth of scar ...

"C-section Recovery Issues"

I had a c-section 3 years ago, and my scar will still ache if I get stressed. Also, the scar is sensitive. I think that is normal of any surgery. ...

C-section Question

I had my son August of 2007, on one corner of my c-section scar, it looks a bit "pulled" and the skin kinds bulges a bit. My OB told me it was a internal ...

Post C-section Questions

The changing table I use is at the height of my c-section scar. ..... My c section scar certainly doesn't hurt any more (3 years since my second child). ...
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