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Does Anyone Know How Long C-diff Is Contagious???

J.M. asks from Kansas City

Ok here is my question long story short my daughter was recently diagnosed with cryptosporidium and the Dr just called and said she also came pack positive for C-Diff...


Baby with C-diff

R.M. asks from Pocatello

I was just wondering if anybody has experienced a child/baby with c-diff? After a VERY long time of having on and off again diarrhea, my baby was finally diagnosed w...


Really?? C- Diff??

... asks from Los Angeles

Hi, Please bare with me. If I am all over the place I am sorry I am in a state of panic. My mom and dad just recently moved into my home ( my dad lost his job 7 m...



T.H. asks from Bismarck

My 16 month old girl just spent the last 5 days in the hosptial and we found out while we were there that she has C-diff. We got back home from the hospital yesterda...


Do You Always Need Antibiotics for C-diff?

R.P. asks from Philadelphia

My son had strep throat three times from the end of February until the end of March. Last week he had a temp of 99.5, stomach ache, and a headache that lasted a short...


Mommy with C Diff and Primary Care Taker

E.H. asks from New York

So after a kidney infection treated with a heavy duty antibiotic now i have c diff. Not sure why the doctor prescribed it but too late now to question. I am a stay at...


Need Advice for Baby with C-diff a New Illness

M.S. asks from Washington DC

My 1 year old son was hospitalized this week with C-Diff. SEVERRE diahrrea every 10-15 minutes that dehydrated him. They hooked him up to IV's and tried to give him F...


9 Mo Old with C-diff Colitis, Advice Needed

N.C. asks from Denver

My 9 month old boy has c-diff colitis. Started this week off with bloody stools and it's just been downhill since there. We start antibiotics today, they are startin...


Has Anyone Ever Heard of or Experienced C. Diff?

E.P. asks from Washington DC

My son is going on 1 week with 2-4 times a day of foul smelling diarrhea. Is is nothing he has been eating and he has no fever or distemperment. Otherwise he is a tee...


My 1 Year Old Has Had Diarrhea and Doesn't Want to Eat or Drink..

A.S. asks from Chicago

Hello, My 1 year old has had diarrhea for almost a week, she vomitted 3 times yesterday after I tried giving her formula because she wasn't taking milk. She turns do...

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  • couldnt keep anything down in 2 answers "My 3 year old just had the stomach flu for a week, couldn't keep anything down for ..."
  • knows about the weight loss in 2 answers "I would definitely check to make sure your ped. knows about the weight loss."
  • probably needs an iv in 2 answers "I wouldn't hesitate to take her to the ER. She probably needs an IV."
  • own immune system in 2 answers "... ultimately make him more susceptible to getting sick, as his own immune system ..."
  • can always cancel in 3 answers "that you want and you can always cancel the appt it the problem goes away."