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First Time Pregnancy 1 Week over Due with Baby Who Won't Drop

Read all 21 responses: "Hi ladies... This is my first baby and I am about a week overdue which I know is totally normal - however I have not dropped yet ...

Early Pregnancy Symptoms?

Oct 21, 2009 ... About a week after we tried, I got some cramping, and I found out that's the fertilized egg ..... week by week pregnancy · by pregnancy week ...

Deer Tick Bite in Pregnancy

some people i talked to last week(my 4 yr.old had a tick on the back of her ear) said that its a little early for ..... symptoms pregnancy · week pregnancy ...

How to get rid of menstrual-like cramps during pregnancy?

I had bad siatic pain with my pregnancy. Try and see a chiropractor who can help releave that pain if that is ... by pregnancy week week · by pregnancy week ...

3Rd Pregnancy - Having Contractions Every 4 Min

My sons are older now, but I remember those pregnancy days all too well. For my third, I had pains in my .... pregnancy week by week · by pregnancy week ...

Weak Positive Pregnancy Test (Help!)

I read on-line that that could indicate an ectopic pregnancy. I am going to see my OB next week, but was wanting to see if this had happened to anyone else, ...

Discharge During Pregnancy

Increased whitish/yellowish/clear discharge during pregnancy is normal. The brownish discharge may be ... pregnancy week by week · week by week pregnancy ...

When to Announce Your Pregnancy???

I just don't know when I should announce this pregnancy to our family..." ... week by week pregnancy · pregnancy by week ...

Pregnancy and Phlebitis

Jan 17, 2009 ... We often have patients taking lovenox during pregnancy, which is a blood thinner , ... week by week pregnancy · pregnancy week by week ...
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