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C.C. asks from Dallas

Did anyone find that at the begining of their pregnancy they were not hungry at all and when you did eat anything that made it feel like you were going to be sick?


Brownish Discharge/spotting One Week After Period Ended

M.J. asks from Phoenix

Does this sound familiar to any of you? I started my period on June 17th. It ended after 4 days on June 21st. One week later, this past Monday on the 28th I woke up...


Blood Clot Seen in 5 Week Ultrasound

D.M. asks from Los Angeles

Hello moms! I am 5 weeks pregnant and during my ultrasound earlier this week, they saw a blood clot near one of the gestational sacs. I'm not bleeding but they've t...


Extreme Fatigue the Week Prior to My Period

D.H. asks from Los Angeles

I have received such great response on other topics, I just had to post this question. The week prior to my period I become very fatigued and lethargic. All I want to...



P.P. asks from Miami

Hi does anyone knows the color of the uterus when pregnant? I did blood work and urine test and the blood work comes back negative but the urine sticks are positive....



J.E. asks from Rochester

Hello im 18 years old. I have been producing breast milk for one month in both breasts. And i took a pregnancy test a month ago and it came back negative. For the pas...


Enlarged Kidney on 22 Week Ultrasound

R.S. asks from Chicago

Hi there, I am 24 weeks in to my third pregnancy, and my husband and I decided firmly that we do not want to find out he sex of the baby. We have already been ble...



S.K. asks from Austin

i had a pregnancy test and was told that im 3 1/2 weeks pregnant so i went to the doctor 3 weeks later for the check up and was told that i was never pregnant. i dont...


HELP 6 Week Old Only Sleeps in Swing

C.S. asks from Boca Raton

HELP! My six week old only will sleep in his swing or in his papasan. He hates his crib. How do I get him used to sleeping in his crib.


Still Bleeding 1 Week After D&C

P.S. asks from Detroit

I had a D&C exactly one week ago today. I had a little bleeding for a few days after but it's actually getting worse, not less. Normal? Not normal? My period isn't...

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