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Sex During Pregnancy?

But just last week we made an agreement to have at least a few moments of intimacy each night and it has ... by pregnancy week week · week by week pregnancy ...

When Are Internal Exams During Pregnancy?

I can't recall from my first pregnancy when additional..." ... And I did have the Strep B test at my appt. last week. But as far as the official 'internal ...

Extreme Fatigue the Week Prior to My Period

The week prior to my period I become very fatigued and lethargic. All I..." ... by pregnancy week week · week by week pregnancy ...

4 Week Old Will Only Sleep on Tummy

My 5 week old is the same way. I don't worry about it too much since we know she has strong neck ..... pregnancy week by week · by pregnancy week week ...

Pregnancy Question

I just missed my period last week (supposed to arrive on 2/23/07) and believe I may be..." ... week by week pregnancy calendar · first response pregnancy ...

3Rd Pregnancy - Having Contractions Every 4 Min

I was a week late to. I am now pregnant with my 4th child and am due July 11th. ... Finally a week after my due date they induced me and I labored still for ...

Positive Pregnancy Test

I think that just means it is really early in the pregnancy. That is what happened to me. They say to wait a few days (like a week) and then test again but ...

Pregnancy and Constipation

However, I only used it when it had been over a week or so. I found that eating oatmeal for breakfast .... pregnancy week by week · pregnancy week by ...

Terribly Gassy 3 Week Old. Need Advice on Formula.

I am a brand new mommy of a beautiful three week old little girl. Being a first time mom things are a ... week by week pregnancy · pregnancy week by week ...

HUGE 18 Week Belly

HUGE 18 Week Belly. I'm in my third pregnancy. I am only 18 weeks, and I have been getting so big!!! My other two pregnancies were not like this. ...
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