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What Size "Big Kid Bed" Did You Buy Your Toddler?

C.P. asks from Minneapolis

I am 8 mos. pregnant with my 2nd baby so we need to transition my 2.5 year old daughter out of her crib and into a new big girl bed. I am torn about what to buy her, ...


What Size/type of Helmet to Buy for Toddler?

S.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hello all - I need to buy a bike/scooter helmet for my 1.5 year-old daughter. Her head circumference is 19 inches, and I am having trouble figuring out what type of ...


Where to Buy Baby Jewelery??

A.M. asks from Dallas

I would like to buy some infant and toddler sized bracelets for my daughter and niece and have no idea where in Dallas to go. I tried googling it but all I got were o...


Best age to switch my toddler to a toddler bed?

A.C. asks from San Diego

At what age should I switch my toddler to a toddler bed? Until what age should she stay in her toddler bed?


Where Do You Buy Your Children's Shoes?

N.S. asks from Austin

JFF I like Children's Place and Target. Often go to Ross or Marshalls and have found great deals on name brands shoes like Nike or Converse, but for much cheaper....


Loooking to Buy a Wagon

S.F. asks from Chicago

Anyone have any suggestions on a good wagon to buy? I have twin boys, and storage is always great. Thanks for the ideas :)


Where Can I Buy Toddler Slim Jeans in the Chicagoland Area?

C.K. asks from Chicago

Does anyone know of any clothing/department stores that carry toddler slim jeans? I prefer Wranglers but would consider other brands. My little guy is so slim that ...


Do You Buy Generic or Store Brands? If Not, Why?

N.L. asks from Los Angeles

I’m trying to save money right now and cutting down our shopping expenses. When shopping at Target I decided to buy certain Target brand merchandise. A neighb...


Where Do You Buy Shoes for Your Kids?

D.L. asks from Roanoke

Dear Mums, Recently my kid has outgrown all her fall shoes and I can't find any nice ones. It all seems junk.. Where do you buy them? Any ideas would be appreciat...


Best Place to Buy Diapers

R.N. asks from Cincinnati

We are expecting another baby girl soon and we still have a toddler in diapers, so I am looking for the best deals on diapers. We usually buy them at Kroger or Targe...

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