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Flat Chested Mama Needs a Good Bra!

I am almost a 34-36A cup. The A cup doesn't even touch my chest. I did buy a training bra..." ... At $50 to $55 a pop, these puppies don't come cheap. ...

Would Love to Cut My Groceries Bill !!

My question is what are you buying? Anytime you buy things that take less time to fix, .... I also have four boys AND I have two girls and a Boxer puppy! ...

Birthday Puppy

H.O. asks from Austin

We are looking for a birthday puppy for our son. But, I am having a hard time tracking down a good place to look into purchasing a healthy puppy from a good source. S...


Stinky Puppy

K.G. asks from Dallas

any pet lovers have any recs. on names of great puppy shampoo/conditioners (tearless) for a cute fur ball-- stinker..... thanks


Nippy Puppy

E.M. asks from Louisville

I know puppys nip and bite ect ect. however whenever my beagle puppy (almost 4 months old) is sleeping and one of my kids touches her she will growl and if they dont...


Help with Puppy

L.R. asks from Chicago

We have a one year old pug puppy who is seriously driving us crazy. He is into EVERYTHING! My husband and I spend most of our day chasing him around to get things o...


Sick Puppy

K.F. asks from Saginaw

Hello Ladies! I have a 3 week old puppy with a COLD! I am not sure what to do?? It (of course) is the runt of the litter and only 1/2 of a pound! The other pups are 3...


Puppy with Inguinal Hernia

L.R. asks from Denver

Hello all! I need advice please. :) We have decided to get a puppy, and the puppy that we picked out just happened to have a inguinal hernia. The breeder found it a...


Help Potty Training a Puppy

C.R. asks from Chicago

i just need some help before i loose it all. My dear husband thought it would be nice to get me a puppy for Mother's Day...which it is nice, but I do have a newborn ...


Puppy Is Chewing Electrical Cords

L.C. asks from Chicago

Hi all, We have a new black lab puppy. She is 5 months old and of course in the puppy chewing stage. So far she has bitten through the cord for my daughters new bo...

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