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Fundraising Success

Sep 22, 2009 ... I don't like the idea of paying for expensive wrapping paper,cookie dough, trash bags,etc. ... Most people don't mind buying one or 2 of the candles. ... A lot of people would buy 2-4 of the smaller candle in a jar sizes. .... This includes everything from food and drink, to diapers and wipes, ...

Having My First Yard Sale- Ideas Needed

Start keeping all your grocery bags and any cardboard boxes to put the purchases in. I also tried to give lots of incentives for buying more. (Buy 10 ...

What Is a Good Gift for a Teacher?

Children's Hospital · Dental · Development · Diapers & Diaper Changing · Digestion .... Teachers spend so much of their own money buying materials for their classrooms. .... Wrapped them in holiday bags and tied the ornament on. ... I always buy gift cards from Office Max. Teachers can always use supplies! ...

Help! Pregnate Broke Mom Needs Cheap Recipes

Oct 30, 2009 ... Children's Hospital · Dental · Development · Diapers & Diaper Changing · Digestion ... Making things from scratch is generally cheaper than buying the .... They all different so make sure you check the Tator Tot bag for the ..... We buy boneless chicken breast when it's on sale and freeze some. ...

13 Year Old Boy GIFT Idea?????

You could also do somewhere like Best Buy where he would have the option of either a game, .... Party Favor, Party Bag Idea's for "COOL" 10 Year Old Boys. ...

Homemade Cool Christmas Gifts

I buy Christmas tins during the after holiday sales and save them for the .... and google eyes (depending on what you get $2 to $7 for either a bag or tub). ...

Any Ideas for Teacher Presents?

Children's Hospital · Dental · Development · Diapers & Diaper Changing · Digestion ... Do you also buy for music, PE, and Art? Any ideas would be great! ... For my daughter's pre-k teachers, I bought canvas bags and monogrammed them myself. .... and the teachers won't have to spend their own money buying supplies! ...

Looking for Nap Mats for MDO

these are cute and they include the padding. no need to buy a separate pad. ... Where Can I Buy a Nap Mat/toddler Sleeping Bag for Daycare? ...

Christmas Shopping

Children's Hospital · Dental · Development · Diapers & Diaper Changing .... A lot of people may disagree with me here, but we don't buy presents for our kids. .... They have never even seen us take bags to the basement so don't know it's .... Buying Christmas Gifts for Nieces and Nephews: No More Responses, Please! ...

How to save on Grocery Bill

If you've been buying individual snack bags of crackers and cookies, buy a ..... I've heard that cloth diapers are much much cheaper in the long run than ...
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