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Pricing Baby Clothes for Garage Sale?

hi, this is okema, mother of 2 girls a 6 and 4 year old. and a mom who loves to buy good used kids clothes at yard sales. for onesis i would put .25 on ...

Once upon a Child...

The store is a wonderful resource for buying children's clothing however,in my opinion ... they bought a large box of clothes - lots of which were designer labels - for $20. ... they won't buy the clothes, even if they're top designers. ...

Pricing Garage Sale Items...lots of Questions!

Sep 2, 2009 ... Appliances · Buying, Selling, Renting & Moving ..... I generally don't buy clothes unless their around $2 or less at a yard sale, ... Clothing go for less than $5 each unless really nice, like dresses, designer, etc. ...

Best Baby Shower Gift You Received

So my question is, what can I buy her or make for her that wouldn't look too ..... Don't give clothes. Such a waste. Everyone makes the mistake of buying ...

Experience with Direct Buy?

We are having a new home built and would like to buy some new..." ... Carriers & Slings · Clothing & Accessories · Electronics · Furniture & Bedding · Lunch Box & Thermos .... Just furniture or are you buying cabinets, carpet, the whole shebang? ... When I joined, you couldn't bring in your own interior designer, ...

Britax Regent Booster Car Seat

It's kinda pricy, though ($250+) and since we'd have to buy 2 (2 boys. ... AND it was cheaper buying it on Amazon, than in my local stores. .... of dollars on a designer crib (not the safest crib, the prettiest) but buy a $100 car seat! .... Semiha M added this item : Organic Clothing - great way to make sure your ...

Looking for Help with Baby Bedding

Hi! check on ebay--alot of the designer fabric that you see on custom boutique ... I purchased my son's bedding there and I know they said I could buy yards ...

Need Help with Tax Question for Providing Child Care.

Now I work for myself as a wedding apparel designer and seamstress. .... b/c you need to pay taxes to show income (when you want to buy, get credit, ...

Finding Clothes

R.G. asks from Houston

This might sound strange to some people, but I find myself stressing over clothes. I am currently 2 months pregnant and I feel like I can't find any clothes. My jeans...


Where Do You Shop for Clothes?

K.H. asks from Chicago

Hi Mammas, I'm afraid I have a case of the post-pregnancy wardrobe blahs. I haven't really purchased much clothing since before I had my son (16 months ago) so my cl...

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