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Help for My Teen-age Son with Bad Acne

cleanser in 6 answers "I buy my son's cleanser right there at the office. ... out and them you either make a paste or just put the juice on a cotton ball on the affected areas. ...... Battle-free Tips for Handling the Halloween Candy ...

What Cleaners to Buy?

U might even consider 100% cotton sheets for the babies bedding. Best of wishes and good luck. .... Battle-free Tips for Handling the Halloween Candy ...

What Type of Couch Material to Buy with a Toddler, 2 Cats and 1 Dog

L. asks from Minneapolis

We are hoping to repace our couch soon and I was wondering what type of couch material is best for animals and small children. Our biggest problem is pet hair. Our cu...


Need Ideas

S.Y. asks from Grand Rapids

So my sister and I are having a combined birthday party for our kids next month. We have decided on a circus/carnival theme. We are looking at possibly renting a co...


The Gimmies

S.B. asks from Las Cruces

Hello. I just took my six year old daughter out to see "Disney on Ice" The seat tickets were expensive and we went in and if you have ever been to Disney on Ice you ...


Need Unique Party Favor Ideas

K.W. asks from Washington DC

I will be having a b-day party for my soon-to-be 3 year old son in a few weeks. The party will be at a "jump-n-bounce" place and I want to give a unique party favor t...


Planning a Baby Shower

J.B. asks from Harrisburg

I have been elected and honored to throw my neice a baby shower. I am looking for something to fill babyfood jars with be a "favor". I was hoping a pink/white candy o...


Stocking Stuffer Ideas???

L.B. asks from Dallas

I would LOVE for everyone to share their BEST stocking stuffer ideas. In otherwords, beyond some chocolate and other candy, what are some fun stocking stuffers, espe...


Potty Training

M.G. asks from Des Moines

Does anyone have some good tips on potty training a 3 year old boy? We have tried pretty much everything we can think of and he has no interest in it. We have tried...


Potty Training

D.G. asks from Boca Raton

My almost 3 year old is completely potty trained during the day. For over two weeks he has been going on the potty with only one or two accidents right at the potty b...

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  • blemish control toner in 2 answers "... and *a toner only once a day in the begining(Mary Kay Blemish Control Toner ..."
  • vinegar and baking soda in 3 answers "A solution of vinegar and baking soda kills approximately 99% of household germs."
  • tea tree oil in 6 answers "... many of the products have melaleuca oil (you may know it as tea tree oil ..."
  • baking soda to clean in 4 answers "I then use the baking soda to clean the bath and shower."
  • non toxic products in 7 answers "I specialize in Non-Toxic products."