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Pet Stains and Berber Carpet.

S.M. asks from Dallas

Hello ladies, I was just wondering if you had any special tricks to getting out old pet stains from berber carpet. The carpet has been steam cleaned and I've used...


House Carpet Is Trashed

E.G. asks from Daytona Beach

My dog has chewed my carpet has been fixed and the cat has picked at the carpet plus with two little girls the carpet is a mess, anyone have any suggestions on how to...


Hardwood Floor or Carpet

D.D. asks from Pittsburgh

When we purchased our home I was not happy with the carpet. It seemed really worn down. We had to battle with the sellerabout paying for a new air conditioner or carp...


Melted Crayon in Carpet

G.S. asks from Houston

I would like to know if anyone has any information on getting melted crayon out of carpet.


Nail Polish Out of Carpet and Hair

S.H. asks from Bloomington

Anyone know how to get nail polish out of hair and out of carpet? Thanks!


How to Get Rid of Removed Carpet

K.K. asks from Phoenix

Hi, last year when we bought the house we removed the existing carpet and put laminated floor ourselves. We stored the carpet pieces in our garage and now i am planni...


Bissell Carpet Cleaner

K.S. asks from Kansas City

Has anyone used the bissell carpet cleaning machine, and how did it work? I found one on sale and want opinions before I go out and buy one. Thanks!


Best Places to Buy Carpet in North Metro?

M.T. asks from Minneapolis

We want to replace the carpet in 2 bedrooms, my son's and the room we'll use for the new baby. Where are the best places you have found for carpet in the north metro?...


Advice on Purchasing a Carpet Cleaner

V.M. asks from Norfolk

I was thinking of purchasing a carpet cleaner (from maybe Walmart - a bissell or Hoover) one that does deep carpet cleaning. I have two little ones and a large dog t...


Nail Polish in Carpet

J.G. asks from Dallas

My kid drop a nail polish on the carpet, I try everything but is not coming out, What should I use to clean it up?

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  • nail polish remover in 8 answers "I read in a previous post: Nail polish remover."
  • bissell pro heat in 3 answers "I am in the majority here with the Bissell Pro Heat."
  • can try non acetone in 2 answers "... oil mix together in right combination, OR try bug spary. You can try non-acetone ..."
  • nail polish remover in 2 answers "You can try non-acetone nail polish remover, but be careful with it."
  • over the melted crayon in 2 answers "I saw once on TV they put a piece of fabric over the melted crayon and ironed it until ..."