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Carpet Cleaning

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

I have never had my carpet cleaned before. I would like to know the details on how to get it done , the costs etc. I live in a 2 level 2 bedroom townhome with berber ...


Laying Carpet or Carpet Tiles on Concrete?

E.E. asks from Miami

Our house is old and I have noticed that our tiles and carpet are on concrete. And it is a one story. Would this be the slab? Anyway we are having to pull up the exis...


Need Carpet Company!

J.B. asks from Dallas

We are buying a new home and are replacing the carpet. Does anyone have any experience with a company that you recommend that is reasonable to buy,remove old carpet, ...


Carpet Cleaning Suggestions

M.N. asks from Chicago

We have a puppy who has been great with accidents in the house, but recently went on the carpet. Any suggestions for an outside carpet cleaning service or a machine ...


How to Get Mustard Out of Carpet?

A.T. asks from Columbus

Any ideas - carpet cleaner isn't working. Thanks!


Removing Resolve Foam Carpet Cleaner from Carpet

L.E. asks from Houston

My newborn had an accident on the carpet in her nursery. Without thinking, I cleaned the carpet with Resolve foam carpet cleaner. Now I’m reading a bunch of things ...


Friseaz/ Twist Carpet Question

C.W. asks from Chicago

Hi! We are putting new carpet in a house we bought and I really like the frizease/ twist type carpet. I was wondering if anyone has this type of carpet throughout the...


How Do I Get RED LIPSTICK Out of the Carpet

B.H. asks from Kansas City

My 8 year old took some RED lipstick into her room and it is all over the carpet. I am wanting to figure out some way to get the stains out of the carpet!!!!!


Play-doh in Carpet

B.M. asks from Houston

Any suggestions on how to get play-doh out of the carpet? I've tried resolve and it helped a bit, but now the carpet is a nice pink color.


Grape Juice in Carpet

C.C. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know how to get grape juice out of carpet that was spilled on Saturday? I'm just now finding out about the stain. The carpet is tan.

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  • wall to wall carpet in 2 answers "... on top of the slab, and then the carpet over that (for wall-to-wall carpet ..."
  • concrete slab in 4 answers "putting carpet directly onto sub floor, especially concrete slab is a commercial application."
  • high traffic areas in 2 answers "I highly recommend it for high traffic areas."
  • still looks brand in 2 answers "... is a modern version of shag carpet, but after two years, it still looks brand ..."
  • spot bot in 2 answers "If you want to invest the money, the spot bot works great."