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Making Bread vs Buying It

If you buy in bulk, making Gluten Free bread yourself is cheaper. It seem like a lot because sprouted grains (I ... Wheat/Gluten Allergy - Baking Advice ...

What Cleaners to Buy?

I have heard from allergy doctors that it is a major allergy source. ..... If you would like more info on them please feel free to message me! .... It's best to buy super concentrated products because you are buying less products which ...

Allergy or Not?

L.D. asks from Houston

Recently my hands and feet started to itch something fierce. I thought maybe it was an allergy to something, but it seems to be mostly at night (occasionally in the ...


Peanut Allergy

A.B. asks from Boston

Does anyone have a child with a peanut allergy, that would like to exchange idea's, thoughts, concerens???


Egg Allergy

K.H. asks from Boise

My toddler son has an egg allergy. He doesn't eat many sweets, but I would like him to have some holiday treats. I am looking for egg-free recipes for holiday treat...


Peanut Allergy

L.H. asks from Washington DC

My 22 month old daughter was just diagnosed with a peanut allergy. Do you have any recommendations for sweets, (halloween candy or birthday cake or cookies) that are ...


Excema = Allergy?

E. asks from Detroit

Does Excema ALWAYS mean there is an allergy? My son is 6 months old and has had bad excema since about 2 months. Under my ped's advice, I use Cortisone and Aquaphor, ...


Peanut Allergy???

L.S. asks from St. Louis

My son just started kindergarten, there is a child in his class with a peanut allergy and I am not sure on what snack to send for his snack day. They sent a note ho...


Nut Allergy

A.M. asks from Los Angeles

I recently found out my 2-year-old son is allergic to several different types of nuts. Does anyone have any advice on where I could buy him healthy nut-free foods, wh...


Skin Allergy

R.M. asks from Washington DC

Hi, I have an 18 month old daughter with a skin allergy. We have recently moved to Singapore and her rashes have gotten worse. I have had her in cloth diapers since...

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  • vinegar and baking soda in 3 answers "A solution of vinegar and baking soda kills approximately 99% of household germs."
  • tea tree oil in 6 answers "... many of the products have melaleuca oil (you may know it as tea tree oil ..."
  • baking soda to clean in 4 answers "I then use the baking soda to clean the bath and shower."
  • non toxic products in 7 answers "I specialize in Non-Toxic products."
  • carry an epi pen in 2 answers "He also has a severe allergy to eggs. We carry an epi pen and single dose benadryl ..."