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Need Advice on How to Get My Daughter to Sleep Somewhere Other than My Bed :(

I developed bursitis in my shoulder as a result. I thought this period of my life would never end, but it did - and rather quickly. Hang in there. ...

Shoulder Pain

T.S. asks from Salt Lake City

I was told that I have bursitis in my right shoulder, I was given a cortisone shot. This was on Friday night, I am still in pain, Dr. said not to use my arm to much,...


Helo Finding a Chiropractor in Eagan

C.L. asks from Minneapolis

I need help getting a recommendation for a good chiropractor in Eagan. I have never been to one before so I want to make sure I get a recommendation first. I have B...


Pain Management -- Shakopee Area

A.Y. asks from Minneapolis

I moved to Shakopee 9 months ago but have been dealing with chronic pain for 7 years. I have been through cortizone shots, as well as a variety of pain meds. At fir...


Experiences with Prednisone

R.F. asks from St. Cloud

I am currently taking Prednisone for a rash/hives problem that the doctor diagnosed as allergies. It is uncertain what the allergy is at this point, I will be having ...


Has Anyone Ever Experienced Knee Pain After Pregnancy?

J.B. asks from Erie

I realize this may be a bit of an odd experience, but I cannot figure out why I have knee pain. I never had any problems with my knees before or during pregnancy. I...


Pain Medication for Arthritis? (Dogs)

J.O. asks from Wausau

My dog is a 10 yr old collie mix (we think). He is a bit overweight. Supposed to be 50-55 lbs, is actually more like 60-65 lbs. He was recently (Nov 2007) diagnosed w...


Pinched Nerve in Neck

P.B. asks from Burlington

Hello, Does anyone have experience with a pinched nerve in the neck? I've seen a doctor and x-rays show a pinched nerve in my neck. The doctor offered to send me t...



S.R. asks from Detroit

I have a problem. I have become addicted to going to the gym. If I don't go I'm super crabby. I've going 5-7 days a week and doing about 45-50 minutes of cardio, betw...


Too Much Milk?

L.L. asks from New York

My 20 month old son loooooves milk. I offer him juice and water also which he will drink, but his fave is milk. (he'd suck it out of the carton if I let him!) Is t...

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