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Burping up Lots of Breastmilk - Why???

My son is 2 months old, and he burps up A LOT after breastfeeding. ..... I was ready to burp, and then spit up, because he was eating to fast & my milk was ...

Spit Up

Dec 23, 2009 ... My 3 month old spits up a lot after eating. We burp her and keep her ... Make sure you are burping her after eating and you are not over ...

Need Tips on Bellyache and Burping

I find also that by letting them naturally stretch after they unlatch from you really helps- and sometimes they will burp on their own. Hope that helps. ...

I Think My 5 Year Old Has Acid Reflux

Does he have burping issues after eating regular foods too or is it water from drinking too much too quickly? I can send you a document from PAGER regarding ...

Another Multiple Question Request

My older one, though, didn't need to be burped after about 3 months. ... I still sometimes had to burp her especially if she fell asleep while eating. ...

Trouble Burping 4 Month Old

For a while, I would have to hold her upright for 20-30 minutes after feeding so that the burp would happen. That was my least favorite for the 2AM feeding ...

15 Weeks Old Baby Getting Scared in Car Ride? Help!

She would usually burp fine after eating, and not spit up a bit, but she was one who needed to burp more than once after eating. It took some time, ...

Colic and Reflux

We usually get a good burp after the feeding but about 10 minutes later the .... she is 5 years old now with no eating issues to reflux problems at all now! ...

Spitting up All the Time

Some advice my doctor gave me was to leave my son sitting up for 20-30 mins after eating and not to move them around too much. Make sure they're well burped ...

Baby Has Paiful Gas Pain?? Help!

I have also avoided any other possible allergens and am only eating bananas, ... 1) Make absolutely sure that he is well-burped after each ~ounce and after ...
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