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Summer Fun!

J.K. asks from Portland

I am looking for free and or inexpensive things to do for the summer.


Bowling/Putt-Putt Golf?

S.H. asks from Seattle

Do you know of any family bowling alleys or putt-putt (miniature) golf courses in the Bellevue/Eastside area?


Toddler Birthday

S.F. asks from Charlotte

I'm interested in learning... what did you do for your 3 year old's birthday? Did you keep it simple and intimate with family only... or did you throw a big bash wit...


Putt Putt Golf for a Toddler in Portland, Oregon?

P.C. asks from Portland

My wee man (25 months) loves to watch golf on tv. He is also enamored of a toy putter that I found at a garage sale. I was thinking of checking out a putt putt gol...


1St Birthday

N.F. asks from Seattle

My son's first birthday is May 9th and I do not know where to start on planning his 1st Birthday Party. The only thing that I have figured out is we're doing SpongeBo...


Ideas for Birthday Party.

D.L. asks from Raleigh

I need some advise. My daughter is going to turn one in a few weeks. We are new in the area, so we don't know anyone. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do f...


Aggressive Behavior from 4 Year Old Boy

A.T. asks from Medford

Hi. So, my son is my only child and he has always been VERY active and fiery. Sometimes this means alot of pushing, hitting, pinching and even talking meanly to othe...

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  • safari sams in sherwood in 4 answers "I would recommend taking your little one to Safari Sam's in Sherwood, OR."
  • putt putt golf in 3 answers "... They have stuff outside like bumper boats and go karts, putt putt golf ..."
  • indoor mini golf in 3 answers "... he will LOVE Safari Sam's in Sherwood... they not only have indoor mini golf ..."
  • library has cultural passes in 2 answers "... morning open gym, not sure of the time Ledding Library has Cultural Passes ..."
  • sensory processing disorder in 2 answers "... the question is, is it something like ADHD or some sensory processing disorder?"