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Daily Morning Vomit Due to Overfeeding or STILL the Stomach Bug?

Read all 9 responses: "My 7.5 month old little girl had a stomach bug (vomiting and fever) about 2 weeks ago, was healthy for about a week and then seemed ...

How Much Should a 16 Month Old Sleep?

It is my understanding that if his thyriod is overactive he would be very active and skinny and may also have a "bug-eye" appearance. ...

How to treat bloody and swelling bug bites?

I use lavender essential oil on bug bites and sun burn. It heals the itch/burn really quickly. Just make sure not to get it in the eyes. ...

Sunscreen and Bug Spray?? HELP

bug spray in 6 answersI found this article about bug sprayfrom May 2006 so ... I am not too sure about the bug spray but baby sunscreen should be ok If the ...

Bug Bites

Sep 14, 2009 ... Dr Visits · Early Intervention · Eye Glasses · Eyes & Vision · First Aid ... Bug Bites San CarlosCA. My 2 12 year old daughter woke up last ...

3 Month Old Baby - Just Returned to Work - Stomach Bug

Aug 25, 2009 ... Dr Visits · Early Intervention · Eye Glasses · Eyes & Vision .... I got a nasty stomach bug when my son was 5 months old I was so worried ...

HELP! Relief from Insect Bites???

Remedies vary depending what kind of bug bites they are I get hives from ... I am very sorry to hear about all of your bug bites For me when I get bit I ...

Want Advice

NOT pink eye, though. He prescribed Gentramicin sulfate drops and her eye cleared up within two days. Her pediatrician said that an eye "bug" was going ...

Eye Goo

Stomach bug, then a bad cold, and just when I thought he was getting better he had eye goo just like you are describing. We ended up seeing the dr and while ...

Infant Insect Repellant?

What is the best bug repellant to use on my..." ... Do not apply to eyes and mouth, and apply sparingly around ears. When using sprays do not spray directly ...
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  • sounds like pink eye in 4 answers "I agree that it sounds like pink eye."
  • skin so soft from avon in 2 answers "Try the skin so soft from avon, not the lotion, the oil."
  • tea tree oil in 3 answers "Make sure the bites are clean, then try some tea tree oil on them, or an antibiotic ..."
  • use california baby products in 2 answers "We use California Baby products. They are an natural & organic based company."
  • spray bottle and spray in 2 answers "I have not tried it, but supposedly if ya put it in a spray bottle and spray it around ..."