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Budget Website

Read all 21 responses: "Hi, I am now on a "fixed income" due to a change in marital status. I want to stretch each dollar as far as possible.

Seeking Other Frugal Moms Out There for a "Frugal Mommy Group"

In addition to all this, I, too, am a SAHM and on a budget. I have years of experience with budgets, menus, etc., so I understand where you are coming from. ...

Do You Think That Finance Issues Cause Divorce

Create a budget together and stick to it. ... I am very good with saving and math so I brunt all of the bill writing and also budgeting in our household. ...

Budget of 1000 Dollars a Month?

Read all 4 responses: "Hi, I just really went through our transactions and realized that we spend almost 1000 US dollar a month on groceries (including ...

Budget Info- Pretty Personal but I Will Ask Anyways

Jun 27, 2009 ... Read all 6 responses: "I know this is a very personal question and many wont want to answer but I will give it a try.

FSA Account for Daycare Expenses

Sep 30, 2009 ... With today's economy, our budget is pretty maxed out, so getting reimbursed along ... To be honest, it is also a bit of a budgeting tool. ...

Cheapest Grocery Shopping

Good luck on the quest for better budgeting. I swear every month that I will ... I am not great at grocery budgeting, but I am learning, and working on it ...

Money a Huge Problem

But we are so terrible at budgeting that we just scape by at the end of the month. Alot of our mony goes to eating out everyday. We dont have credit cards ...

What Does It Cost to Eat?

When you budget, do you include cleaning supplies..." ... We switched over to a cash/envelope budgeting system about 6 years ago and it has really helped us ...

How Should House Bills Be Divided?

It sounds like you're doing well in the grocery budget. $420 for 7 for food means that you're doing some home cooking. This is a contribution to the family ...
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