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Four Year Old Hitting 9 Month Old Sister

My son did the same thing with his sister. I used 2 different approches: When he hit and she cried I put on a .... brother sister love · 9 month old baby ...

Sinister Sister-n-law

I am so sorry that you have to deal with such a horrible sister-in-law. It sounds like she is jealous. .... best law school · brother sister love ...

How to Teach My 4 Year Old Son to Stop Hitting His Twin Sister

It is not a reflex reaction for your son to hit his sister It is now ..... my spankings · see my sister · stop being so mean · brother sister love ...

Bullying Little Sister

His sister is 15 months older and big brother is exactly 3 years older. .... My kids love on each other like crazy and then war breaks out. But, I find that ...

Brother with Cancer

Read all 13 responses: "My brother is 60 yrs old, and today he was diagnosed with cancer of the liver. ... cancer children · brother sister love ...

How to Prepare My Son to Have a Little Brother or Sister

How to Prepare My Son to Have a Little Brother or Sister .... Again, so much love there - we've not had any problems with jealousy at all. ...

Seeking Advice to Help Sister-in-law Cope with Miscarriages...

Read all 14 responses: "My sister-in law had two miscarriages (one in late 2006 ... Love her hard! Your brother needs to take her for couple's counseling, ...

Step Sister

I have an older brother who is gay, and believe me there was no need to .... Her biological mom knows so if her mom and her sister know her and love her ...

What to Do About Mean Sister-in-law

My sister in law is a horrible horrible person that destructs anyone that crosses ..... health care law · brother sister love · best law school · State Law ...

Need Advice on Sister-in-Law

I have a sister-in-law that is just..... Well, I don't know how to explain her. This is my HUSBAND's Brother's Wife. In the past (approximately 5 years ago) ...
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