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My two sons have ezcema on their legs and that is one of the things the ... My baby gets bright red scaly dry patches on both of sets her little fat cheeks. ...

Spotting During Really Early Pregnancy

More with my first and it was bright red but more brown with the second. ..... it's gushing down your legs (sorry for the graphic language) and b) there are ...

Unusual Rash on My 2 Year Old

Read all 31 responses: "Two days ago my son woke up with a few small red ... With her, too, it itched but not always and not a whole lot - mostly on the legs . ... Bright red, chapped, or cracked lips. Red mucous membranes in the mouth ...

Red Zit on 13 Month Old Face Won't Go Away

One of my twins got a "pimple" (big bright red with white pussy center). Then it would seem like it .... Need Help with Mistery Bumps/rash on Son's Legs! ...

Blood in My 4 Month Old's Stool

It is better that the blood is bright red rather than dark. .... be a lot of things....does he seem upset (crying, pulling his legs up - acting in distress? ...

Diaper Rash Question

There's nothing like a baby with a bright red bottom! Helpful? .... Lay your child down on a towel with legs up and pour the egg on the rash. ...

Eczema Nightmare

My 3yr old daughter has eczema on her stomach, legs and sometimes arms. It got pretty bad with itching and bright red, scaly bumps. ...

AV Malformation/Hemangioma????

Within a few months, it became bright red and puffy and was dry, itchy and scaly . ... My sister had one of these on her legs and two of my friends have ...

Fifth Disease Without the Body Rash?

The baby had the rash extreme all over his arms,legs, face, and chest, ... Her cheeks do turn BRIGHT red when she excercises and it looks like slapcheek. ...

Need Recommendation for Skin Care for Baby

that only pops up on her cheeks, causing them to crack and be bright red all .... My son was diagnosed with severe eczema that was scaring his legs from all ...
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