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Finger Foods/table Foods for a 9 Month Old

Like wheat germ, molasses, and DHA supplements (strawberry-flavored fish oil) in sweet foods, or brewer's yeast on savory foods like veggies. ...

How Is Wheat Allergy Diagnosed?

MILD: almond, black pepper, carrot, celery, oat, turkey, white potato, Brewer's yeast, avocado, sole. Now my eating options are even more restricted! ...

Low Milk Suppy and Herbs/vitamins.

I've also heard brewers yeast and beer! Read up on the beer thing though. .... I 'm not sure about the herbs, but Brewer's Yeast can help increase the milk ...

SAFE Flea Remedies

Brewers yeast when fed to the dog repels fleas too and makes their coat shiny to boot. hope that helps! Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This ...


Brewer's Yeast, Shiner Bock, St. Polly Girl (the last two are yeasty beers ... My mil actually brought me some brewer's yeast (the stuff in beer that helps ...

Breastmilk Is Drying Up

A group of mothers helping mothers with brest feading. Brewers Yeast may help. A glass of beer. I successfully nursed 10 babies. Try hard to relax and rest. ...

Low Milk Supply

It needs to be a local brewer (you're looking for brewers yeast in the beer) like YVB-Bones, Montana Brewing Co, or Carter's (I love Carter's - their beer ...

Increasing Milk Supply

Also you can try a teaspoon of Brewer's yeast in 8oz. of juice it tastes nasty but works well just be careful to much will make you flatulant! ...

Elimination Diets

I would highly recommend going this route...a few years ago I had one done and found out I had a severe brewers yeast allergy (vinegar). ...

Suggestions/advice for 6 Yr Old That Only Weighs 35 Lbs

Have you ever used brewer's yeast? You can find it at a natural market. ... I add wheatgerm, brewer's yeast, and flaxseed to smoothies and my son never ...
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