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Need Advice on Giving Breathing Treatments

Masks are scary things, especially when having breathing problems. The natural instinct is to throw off anything too close to the mouth and nose. ...

Pregnancy Breathing Trouble - Repost - NOBODY Responded!?

I don't have asthma, I don't have breathing problems, my allergies are minimal at best and I'm NOT pregnant. But there's times when I feel like I just can't ...

More HCG Problems!!!

More HCG Problems!!! Ok Ladies, I just posted a few days ago regarding high HCG .... 14 weeks pregnant · breathing problems · 15 weeks pregnant · hcg test ...

Children with Croup

My son has the same breathing problems. He has a dry, rough cough all the time. We have found that a really good humidifier and hot, steamy baths help alot. ...

Usage of Singulair on a 12 Months Old

After several years of charting their breathing on a calendar, I saw a pattern of cold-weather and change of season breathing problems-asthma and pnuemonia. ...

Am I the Only One Who Has Problems with Medicaid?????

Honey you are not the only oneMy problems with medicaid are endlessMy baby has been suffering alot of breathing problems and he has since he was bornand it ...

18 Month Old Fights the Breathing Treatment

He has no allergies or any other problems. The doctor wants him to have Albuteral every 4-6 hours and a breathing treatment of Pulmicort once a day. ...

What Does Retraction Look like in an Infant?

My now 2 yr. old son has multiple breathing problems and has since 3wks. old. If his chest is caving/sinking when he breathes he is having a difficult time ...

Infant Asthma

Hi, S., I have not personally had a problem with this, but my friend has 3 out of 4 asthmatic children. .... Next question: Breathing Problems ...

Daughter Has Cough for a Long Time and Now Fever

Come to find out we did have the mold and it was the mold that could make you very sick and have breathing problems. My husband and I had to have air test ...
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  • hold the mouth piece in 2 answers "... like a hawk, espceially during winter) Try & let your son hold the mouth-piece ..."
  • your case worker in 2 answers "... you should maybe go down to the medicaid office and talk to your case worker ..."
  • should be able to change in 3 answers "... i couldnt change again for up to six months .. so you should be able to change ..."
  • body ecology in 2 answers "What I found was the Body Ecology Diet."
  • had infant asthma in 2 answers "My children haven't had infant asthma but they do have food allergies."