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Introducing Solids to a Breastfed Baby

Breast milk is the most important meal for you little baby. It's great that you are breast feeding before you give him solids, just keep an eye on your ...

Tanning While Breastfeeding, YAY or NAY?

Read all 7 responses: "I plan on breastfeeding my son once he arrives but i would also like ... What will you do with your baby while your toasting anyway? ...

Breastfeeding While Sick

I think it's wonderful that you're breastfeeding your little one. In answer to your question, yes you can continue to breastfeed your baby while you're sick ...


As for breastfeeding, your breasts while working on the supply/demand will do this ... Congrats on your new baby! A great place for breastfeeding advice is ...

Wanting to Get pregnant...still Breastfeeding

I just hope you realize that if you are to get pregnant and have to continue breastfeeding your baby, you need to consume 2x the normal daily intake! ...

What Medicine Is Safe While Breastfeeding.

Good for you for being so concientious and giving your baby the very best. ... your question. congrats on a new baby and breastfeeding your little one. ...

Help Introducing Pacifier to Breastfed Baby

Your baby knows what hes doing! I can also tell you that if you plan on using breastfeeding as birth control, you cannot introduce a pacifier and it would ...

Breastfeeding Problems with Teething Baby

Your baby is fussy because of gas. Gripe water is good for gassy babies or .... Relax and enjoy your daughter, breastfeeding will provide what she needs in ...

Dieting While breastfeeding...Help.

When it comes to a "diet" and you are still breastfeeding your new baby, professionals do not recommend it. What can happen is you can loose your milk. ...

Advice for Breastfeeding First Time Mom

So often we feel like we aren't producing enough and what I've learned is to trust your baby and body. Breastfeeding is incredibly demanding those first ...
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