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Breastfeeding Question

K.C. asks from Philadelphia

Hello! I have a 7 month old son. I have been giving him pumped breast milk and formula (he recently started eating baby food). I really wanted to give him breast m...


Question About Breastfeeding!

G.S. asks from Phoenix

I have a 3 month old that is currently breastfeeding and I just wanted to know if I am supposed to be having my regular periods each month. I have forgotten to ask my...


Breastfeeding Question

M.L. asks from Austin

Hi Ladies, I'm breastfeeding my 2nd child....didn't do so well with my first baby....couldn't take the pain. So with my 2nd I told myself that I was gonna tough it ...


Breastfeeding Question

C.B. asks from Portland

Hi Ladies! I have a son who is 19 months old this month. We are currently breastfeeding at night only. It used to be when I fed him, I'd hear the milk hit his belly, ...


Breastfeeding Question

E.B. asks from Miami

The baby has arrived and is breastfeeding exclusively during the day. I don't get a break. It's fine because it gives me comfort knowing that i can breastfeed him. Is...


Breastfeeding Question

K.H. asks from Seattle

I am breastfeeding my 5 1/2-week-old baby girl and am finding it increasingly difficult to do this and keep up with my VERY busy little boy. Can anyone tell me when ...


Breastfeeding Question

M.M. asks from Austin

My daughter is six weeks old. We have had breastfeeding issues since the beginning but I have a few questions. I know her latch isn't very good but even my lactation ...


Breastfeeding Question

A.T. asks from Dallas

I am meeting with a lactation consultant tomorrow so I plan on asking her this as well but thought I would see if any of you had any experience with this too that you...


Breastfeeding Question

S.F. asks from Utica

So my second baby is now 6 and a half weeks old and breastfeeding is going great. I breastfed my first baby for an entire year without issues as well. But this time...


Breastfeeding Question

L.M. asks from Fayetteville

Hi there, my daughter just turned 1 month old. I have been breastfeeding her exclusively since she was born. We have been giving her pumped milk on the occasion I'm e...

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  • probably wont get your period in 2 answers "... pumping at least 8-12 x per 24 hour period, you probably won't get your period."
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  • get pregnant while nursing in 3 answers "... that while its a little less likely, you still could get pregnant while nursing ..."
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