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K.L. asks from Dallas

Hi Ladies! I have a breastfeeding question. When I had my first daughter 19 months ago I had every intention of breastfeeding her. After she was born I made the ...



M.D. asks from Jacksonville

So my daughter is 2 1/2 months old and I've been breastfeeding but it seems lately I haven't been producing enough. She is always hungry and my breast seem to be empt...



M.T. asks from Flagstaff

What to do to get ready to breastfeed? I'm expecting my 3rd child in September. With my previous two kids, I had trouble breastfeeding them, weren't latching on right...



S.E. asks from Orlando

My daughter is 5 weeks old. We have been breastfeeding from day one, and have not given her formula yet. She is a little peanut, and does not transfer enough milk fro...



M.S. asks from Columbus

My daughter is almost 10 weeks old and we are breastfeeding. While I was pregnant I decided to breast feed and I was like oh this will be so good for her and it will...


After Breastfeeding....

C.F. asks from Austin

Hi all! I have been breastfeeding my son for 6 months. I was so fortunate to stay home with him for almost four months thanks to maternity leave and rollover vacati...



M.B. asks from Las Vegas

My beautiful baby girl was born c-section this last Wednesday. It was 1 week and 1 day early from her due date. While in the hospital on Wednesday, Thursday, and Fri...



L.B. asks from Seattle

So this is my second attempt with breastfeeding. Our first was premature and never got the hang of it and we eventually just switched to bottles and formula. This t...


Breastfeeding Question

R.D. asks from Decatur

What and How is the best way to stop breastfeeding? My son is approaching his 1st bday so I will be finished breastfeeding! How long does it take for the milk to dry ...


Breastfeeding Question

F.S. asks from San Antonio

I was just wondering, does breastfeeding make you sleepy? I was noticing I get very sleepy when I nurse my daughter.

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