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Breastfed Four Month Old with Green Poop; Foremilk/hindmilk Imbalance

Read all 6 responses: "My breastfed four month old has green bowel movements (no signs of illness; ... breast feeding how to · breastfeeding questions ...

Question on Weight Gain After Stopping Breastfeeding

Read all 6 responses: "Hello: I am asking to see if anyone has any advice for me in regards to some issues that I have been having since I stopped ...

Breastfeeding ?

Read all 20 responses: "Does anyone know if you can still breastfeed after breast augmentation?" ... Next question: Breastfeeding and Implants ...

New Mom Starting All over Again with "Baby Questions and New to Breast Feeding"

This site helped me a lot w/ breastfeeding questions and all other kinds of questions: here is a 'milk calculator' that helps to figure ...

Breastfeeding Question

Read all 22 responses: "My son is 4 wks old and I am nursing him. When he was about 2 wks my hubby and I noticed he was getting more fussy and more gassy ...

Breast-feeding and a Fussy Baby

Then if I solely breastfeedno bottle of breast milk all day he would be extremely fussy rarely sleep and .... breast feeding questions · top breast pumps ...

A Question About Post- Breastfeeding Deflation - for the Smaller Chested Ladies

A Question About Post Breastfeeding Deflation for the Smaller Chested Ladies. I breastfed my son for 13 months I had lost a ton of weight in my pregnancy ...

Breastfeeding to Formula Question

Breastfeeding to Formula Question. So Im starting school on Oct 20th and still cant seem to get a good supply of breastmilk pumped and stored for JT when he ...

Starting Breastfeeding How Long Does It Hurt?

Oct 3, 2009 ... LLL saved my sanity as a new mom--I highly recommend contacting them with any breastfeeding questions. Hang in there! ...

Breastfeeding and Becoming Pregnant

ok, here is a dumb question. i have had 3 kids and this one is the first i am breastfeeding. my 2 oldest were bottle fed with formula. so, i know i have no ...
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  • estrogen free birth control pill in 2 answers "I was on an estrogen free birth control pill for the first 6 months after my daughter ..."
  • la leche league in 4 answers "I've known people who have with the help of La Leche League."
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