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I'm trying to stop breastfeeding but my breast seems to be full and its hurts. What can i do to relieve ..... breastfeeding boys · breastfeeding children ...

Extended Breastfeeding

Your son is old enough to understand what you're say so explain that he is a big boy and it is time to stop breast feeding. He WILL throw a fit but be tough ...

Breastfeeding Help!

Both of my boys fell asleep while breastfeeding, especially that young. I was always afraid that it would not allow my milk supply to increase like it ...

11 Week Old Fussing While Breastfeeding

I want to continue to breastfeed becuase it benefits both boys (I express for the other). Any ideas on what has caused this new behavior? ...

5 Month Old Exclusively Breastfed

Oct 12, 2009 ... I am exclusively breastfeeding my 5 month old baby. ... Every three hours was when my boys were hungry, and for about a month they even needed to nurse ...

Playing During Breastfeeding

I have breastfed two children and am now a grandmother. Maybe your little one needs longer between feedings .... breastfeeding boys · breastfeeding nipples ...

No Period After Stopping Breastfeeding

Sep 12, 2009 ... I just stopped breastfeeding my son about two weeks ago, ... Beth Y added this item My boys love to be naked I think all kids do but with ...

Breastfeeding an 11 Month Old

Maggie is 11 12 months old now and I am still breastfeeding I know that it is ... Beth Y added this item My boys love to be naked I think all kids do but ...

Breastfeeding While I Have a Cold

I was pregnant and/or breastfeeding for a total of eight years with all of my 3 boys. You are making a major difference in your child's health, ...

Breastfeeding Concern

Sep 23, 2009 ... Read all 5 responses: "I was breastfeeding my son the other day when ... Beth Y added this item My boys love to be naked I think all kids do ...
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