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Breastfeeding Twins

Read all 6 responses: "I am very torn about whether to breastfeed my twins when they are born because I ... breast feeding twins · breastfeeding benefits ...

Breastfeeding Troubles

I really want to continue breastfeeding for as long as possible because of the benefits to my son, but I can't live with this constant pain. ...

Breastfeeding Only Morning and Night

Has anyone had success with just breastfeeding morning and night? Is it normal not to have that full feeling? ..... breastfeeding benefits · night nurse ...


I stopped breastfeeding after 2 weeks because he was using my breasts as a comfort thing and I was ... breastfeeding benefits · Breastfeeding Support Group ...

When to Stop Breastfeeding

I would suggest doing a google search on breastfeeding benefits to help guide your decision. You will be amazed at all of the reasons to stick with it! ...

Ambivalent About Breastfeeding

your body in 8 answers can make you tired and can cause thyroid issues and drain your body; breast feeding in 5 answersI think the benefits of breast ...

Breastfeeding and Work???

Good luck A. and I hope you continue to actively breastfeed your angel. Helpful? .... breastfeeding benefits · breastfeeding hold ...

11 Week Old Fussing While Breastfeeding

I want to continue to breastfeed becuase it benefits both boys (I express for the other). Any ideas on what has caused this new behavior? ...


If it is a matter of getting enough for him you might try breastfeeding a couple times a ..... breastfeeding benefits · supplementing while breastfeeding ...

Breastfeeding Questions.

There definately are a lot of benefits to extended breastfeeding, and I recommend you check out it's a great website with a TON of information ...
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