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I Am Still Lactating 4 Months After I Stopped Breast Feeding

I stopped nursing in June (after 33 months) and I can still express milk. I was told that it can take up to a year for your body to stop producing. ...

Milk Supply Drying Up

At 7 months he still needs breast milk, not as often and probably depending ... You'll probably continue producing milk much longer than you'd expect but as ...

How to relieve breast pain during weaning?

As long as you don't stimulate it will not cause more milk to produce it ..... I think you should still breastfeed. You still have 4 months until they should be on the bottle. ... Breast Engorgement- Seeking Help to Stop Supply of Milk ...

Milk Supply Decline

Then if all else fails, you can mix the breast milk you are getting with formula so your baby is still getting breast milk at every feeding, and you won't worry ... When I started producing less milk, I called a lactation consultant. ...

Pumping Issues

Sep 3, 2009 ... Drink lots and lots of water This helps with producing milk I used ... overproduced a curse I still didnt get as much out of my breasts with ...

How Much Milk Should I Be Producing?

The stress of not producing enough milk was relieved and made us both more ..... He is still young, and may need the breast more to feel soothed. ...

Pumped Breast Milk

It is totally OK to alternate formula and breast milk My daughter got 1 ... if you start supplimenting you might lose the feeding You produce what you use I ...

Cereal for a 4 Month Old?

Oct 20, 2009 ... I didn't want to give anything but breast milk for the 1st 6 months. .... daughter occasionally and still produce milk after all this time! ...

Cereal at 4 Months?

He still gets mainly breast milk though. K. [email protected] Helpful? .... thing that I will say is that if you are having a hard time producing milk this, ...
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