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Transitioning to Bottle at 6 Months

I have tried with breast milk and with formula. I have tried at room temp, .... going through,when a wee one refuses a bottle it sends Mama into panic mode. ...

Thawed Breastmilk Separating?

My 6 month old boy has never had a problem taking a bottle, either from..." ... Breastmilk should be thawed overnight in the fridge or under warm running water. ... You will work through this, it just may take some figuring out! ...

4 1/2 Month Old Refusing Bottle (With Breastmilk)

Read all 13 responses: "my 4 1/2 month old is refusing to take a bottle. she starts crying when anyone tries to give it to her. i am exclusively ...

11 Month Old Won't Take Breastmilk or Formula from Bottle/cup/sippy

11 Month Old Won't Take Breastmilk or Formula from Bottle/cup/sippy. so my strong willed son started refusing a bottle at around 3 months. I wrote in at the ...

How Much Breast Milk/formula Should My 8-Month Old Be Taking??

In addition to those bottles, I send a 6 oz bottle of formula. ... My daugter went through spurts of eating enough for three babies, then it seemed .... Most babies take about an ounce an hour of breastmilk and since she's eating solids ...

Baby Refusing Bottle

One of the problems with your son not taking a bottle of breast milk is ... I went through this same exact thing almost exactly a year ago with my daughter. ...

Breastfed Baby Refusing Bottle

He absolutely refused to take a bottle, be it breast milk or formula. ... ( because the milk just flows so much easier and faster for him thru the bottle). ...

Infant Not Eating at Daycare

You may want to try pumping breast milk into a bottle instead of using formula. ... I went through the same thing with my son at daycare. ...

Breastmilk storage...dealing with Liquid Gold!

Breastmilk storage...dealing with Liquid Gold! Here's the scenario...I pump 6 ounces of milk, put it directly in the bottle and feed her. ...

Bottle Feed with Breast Milk

Bottle Feed with Breast Milk. Hi, my baby was bottle feed in he hospital due to .... moms who are also having difficulty or have already been through it. ...
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