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How to Know My Expressed Milk Went Bad?

I had to throw away bags of my breast milk after detecting a strong 'plastic' smell and taste and it did not appear healthy for anyone esp. a newborn. ...

Thawed Breastmilk Separating?

I think the frozen breast milk just tastes differently. Maybe it has freezer burn? My 2 children never took bottles, although with my daughter (1st child), ...

Pumped Breastmilk Going Sour

Read all 6 responses: "My pumped breastmilk is only lasting not even 48 hours before ... Suggestions for an Infant Formula That Tastes like Breastmilk ...

Lipase in Breastmilk

Has anyone out there figured out a good system for scalding breastmilk..." ... My Breastmilk Tastes Soapy After Just a Few Hours of Being Expressed? ...

How Do I Get My Daughter to Drink Nutramigen?

Babies have to acquire a taste for new things. Try adding breast milk to it(2 parts breast milk/1part formula) for a week, then 1/2 bm/ 1/2 formula the next ...

1 Yr Old Won't Drink Milk

He really liked it, it adds a light sweet taste much like breast milk. Please try it, that way it looks the same, and she won't get used to pink or choclate ...

Breastmilk Storage & Re-warming

I have read that once you warm your breastmilk, you should discard any portion that..." ... Breastmilk Taste and Smell? ...

7 Month Old Refuses Formula - Running Out of Stored Milk!

Oct 21, 2009 ... You can start by bottle feeding her with mostly breast milk and a few teaspoons of formula. The formula doesn't taste as good as breast ...

Breastmilk Drying Up

You can add honey or sugar to make it taste better. Also drink lots of water and eat healthy. .... Are you feeding him formula or breastmilk from a bottle? ...

Rice Milk

I prefer Rice Dream for taste. You can buy powder nutrition suplments similar to ... My vote is for goat milk. It's easy to digest, similar to breast milk, ...
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