breast milk has lactose

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Stomach Issues. . .what Step to Take Next? Lactose Intolerance??

K.D. asks from Boston

My 7 year old has been having loose stools for 2 weeks now. Otherwise feels fine and is healthy. We went to the doctor 1 week ago and because she's been in with stoma...


Pain in Breast

K.C. asks from Pueblo

I have been having pain in one of my breasts. I can only relate this to what your breasts feel like during breast feeding when they can become engorged. Even though i...


Friend Has Too Much Breast Milk / Baby Lactos Intolerant :(

J.W. asks from Dallas

Hi i have a friend who is breast feeding but just found out her baby is lactos intolerant I was wondering if there were anyplace she could sell her breast milk as she...


Cows Milk

J.E. asks from Los Angeles

I'm trying to wean my 1 year old off of breast milk to regular cow milk. I've noticed that he gets diarrehea really bad if he has more than 4 oz of cow milk. He did...


Milk Alternatives

M.R. asks from Chicago

Any of you mom's out there not give your children cows milk? I am looking for the pro's and con's of starting my little one on cows milk. I am lactose intolerant an...


Breast Pumps

R.V. asks from St. Louis

Can someone please recommend a breast pump for a beginning mother who has never done this before? My daughter is going to try breastfeeding with the new baby but she...


Soy Milk....

A.D. asks from Louisville

My son will be 11 mths on Christmas and he is currently in soy formula. We have been slowly introducing regular cow's milk and it still seems as though he isn't toler...


Lactose and Soy Free Foods

H.H. asks from Dallas

My 11 month old daughter is milk and soy intolerant....any great suggestions for meal times and snacks??? She's still nursing often and eats a very limited amount of...


Supplementing Soy Milk for Breast Milk So I Can Enjoy a Night Out

S.2. asks from Bakersfield

HI ladies, I would like to have a couple of drinks tonight. I do not have enough time to pump out enough milk so thats not an option. The only 2 are give powder mil...


Soy Milk?

C.L. asks from Los Angeles

Hey everyone, I just wanted to see if any of you have gone from breast feeding to Soy Milk? Or even formula to Soy Milk? I have heard so many bad things about regul...

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  • recommend the medela pump in style in 2 answers "I also recommend the Medela Pump In Style. I used it through 3 kids (I work full ..."
  • milk instead of cows milk in 2 answers "Try using soy milk instead of cows milk for a week and see what happens."
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