breast milk has lactose

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Switching from Breast Milk to Formula

A.K. asks from Washington DC

My husband nd I are going to be going on a vaction in Febraury - Adults only. I currently breast feed my 4 monyh old son but want to start supplementing formula. I ...


Soy vs Lactose Free Formula?

C. asks from Minneapolis

My 2 month old daughter has had severe rash problems on her bottom since she was born as a result her stool. (It essentially burns her skin...) She has had a yeast i...


How Do I Know When His Lactose-intolerance Is Better/gone?

M.S. asks from Spokane

My son was/is lactose-intolerant. I understand a lot of babies have a hard time digesting cow's milk and as a nursing momma, I learned to give up dairy for the first...



M.B. asks from Nashville

my daughter was on soy formula since she was born and the nicu put her on that and i have no idea why well when she went for her 12month check up the ped. said i coul...


No Milk !!!

M.B. asks from New York

My 18 Month old is refusing his milk. I am so frustrated. I know that he is getting nutrients from other foods and the doc said that it's OK if he doesn't want it, bu...



R.C. asks from Bakersfield

My niece is a year and half and refuses to drink milk. My sister in law has tried everything and she still refuses it and is now considered to be in the underweight c...


Help Maybe My 4 Month Old Is Lactose Intolerant???

R.K. asks from Los Angeles

hello moms ! i read this blog all the time love it !!! i lived in LA but moved one year to israel with my hubby had a beautiful baby boy being here but planni...


Breast Feeding

H.H. asks from Phoenix

i really want to breast feed my baby when she comes but my husband doesn't agree with me. He wasn't breast feed and doesn't think i should do it. The only reason he w...


Organic Formula with Cane Sugar Versus Regular Formula with Lactose

J.K. asks from New York

I have been feeding my 5 month old Similac Organic from birth. Back in May the New York Times article came out stating that Similac Organic uses cane sugar which is ...


How to Wean from Breast

K.V. asks from Salt Lake City

i am trying to wean my 13 month from the breast, he only nurses first thing in the morning and right before bed. he will NOT drink milk from a sippy cup, he WILL drin...

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