breast milk has lactose

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Milk Allergy Need Help

Jan 7, 2010 ... Read all 14 responses: "Has anyone had experience with a milk ... THEN they figured out it was the milk proteins in my diet coming through my breastmilk. ... If he has a milk allergy it will be because he's lactose ...

Is It a Milk Allergy or Lactose Intolerance? Should I Do What the Ped Says?

Jul 27, 2009 ... I think she has a milk allergy because she gets a red rash..." ... (he showed severe allergy at 2 weeks through my breast milk, ...

Help with Weaning (Milk Allergy)

They both took bottles of breastmilk relatively well though, ... My son also has a severe milk allergy (not lactose intolerance -- he has an anaphylactic ...

9.5 Month Old Won't Take Breastmilk or Fomula from a Bottle or Sippy Cup

My breastmilk production has gone down and I am not pumping as much at work. ... We used lactose free formula which is sweeter. Rice milk is very sweet too. ...

How to Get My 18Month Old Boy to Drink Milk (Still Breasfeeding)

She has always refused milk and has some problems with hard cheeses (like cheddar) ... sticks because they are made with mozzararella which is a low lactose food. .... What to Replace Breastmilk with If My Son Doesn't like Cow's Milk? ...

I Think My Son Is Lactose Intolerant

I had the same thing happen to my son when we switched from Breast Feeding to Milk. We went to an Allergist and it turned out he has a milk allergy (vs. ...

Any Babies with Milk Protein Allergies?

My Five Month Old Has Food Allergies to My Breastmilk! What Do I Eat? ... Milk Allergy and Breast Feeding · 26 · Lactose Intolerance Symptoms ...

Goat Milk or Soy Milk or Rice Milk???

(Lactose free cow's milk). It seems to have worked wonders for my son, ... Rice milk has way to much sugar SAME FOR ALMOND MILK NOT TO MENTION -NO REAL ... My 2 -year-old has been drinking soy milk since he transitioned from breast milk. ...

Cow's Milk vs Soy Milk

My 21 month old drinks cow's milk and breast milk, but I know there is alot of ... much easier than cows milk and also does not contain lactose(Ithink thats what is ... Our son has thrived on Goat's milk and our local Jewel stocks it ( ...

Weaning from Breastmilk to Cow's Milk

Every other creature never has milk again after weaning. Rice Dream vanilla tastes VERY similar to breast milk. It is low in fat, so you can't count on the ...
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  • more and more cows milk in 3 answers "... milk that she likes the taste of and start mixing more and more cow's milk ..."
  • other dairy products in 3 answers "We very gradually have introduced other dairy products, which he nows seems to tolerate."
  • try goats milk in 2 answers "Also try goat's milk, which is MUCH better for humans than cow's milk is."
  • drink cows milk in 2 answers "Hi N.- Why try to get this boy to drink cow's milk?"
  • ended up mixing in 2 answers "... son to drink cow's milk after breastfeeding him a long time. I ended up mixing ..."