breast milk for my husband

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Formula Recommendation

All formula is sweet as is breast milk...God knew to make it appealing to the ... My husband and i started looking into this out of curiosity and found that ...

Breast Milk for My Adopted Baby

One important piece of information is that my husband and I have both been .... I would be more than willing to share my breastmilk with you as long as I ...

Weaning Troubles

Well, I tried letting my husband feed him. Me leaving the room. Me going outside , etc. ... We had bottles available, of my breast milk for if I had to work. ...

My 2 Month Old Is Refusing the Bottle

My husband has tried, our nanny has tried, and both Grandmas too. .... I didn't get any special bottles, but I did pump my breast milk. If you are going to ...

Breast Milk Coming in EARLY

My milk came in early too. But, it was too uncomfortable to wear a bra at night so I would wrap a towel around myself to keep the bed clean and my husband ...

Giving Cow's Milk to Babies?

Breast milk is best, goat milk might be the next best (but it is very expensive [$3.50 for 1 quart]...I have to buy it for my husband), but in the end you ...

Help! I Need More

My body never really kicked into gear to make enough breastmilk for baby. ... attend and two children in school, my husband stayed with him the entire time. ...

Breastfeeeding and Formula

I am thinking of giving her formula so at least she is able to be given a bottle by my husband. Also, I have heard that I can mix the breast milk and ...

What Can I Do About My Breastmilk?

Read all 11 responses: "I pumped and stored frozen breastmilk for my daughter. ... however, my husband has missed out on having the bottle feeding bond. ...

How Much Breast Milk in Bottle?

Jun 20, 2009 ... The other day when my mom tended so my husband and I could get out on a .... When I started bottling breastmilk for my baby at 2 months, ...
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