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Vitamin D Supplement for Newborns

Our doctor recommended we give her a vitamin D supplement due feeding her only breastmilk. I checked out the ingredients on a couple of products. ...

Breastmilk Mixed with Formula?

Like you, I wasn't producing enough to feed my daughter and found the only way I could continue giving her breastmilk was to also supplement with the ...

Breast Milk Not Coming in Fast Enough!

But the more you supplement, the less supply you are creating on your breasts. Make sure you pump every time he eats and try to always give him breast milk. ...

Breastmilk Slowing Down

Dec 31, 2009 ... If she has to nurse more often then she does, but supplementing is only ... At this time I transitioned to part formula/part breast milk, ...

Wine Consumption While Breastfeeding - Is It Okay If I Am Supplementing?

I instead supplement with pre-pumped breastmilk or with formula. So if I have my wine at 7 pm let's say, (two 5 ounces glasses), I will not give the baby my ...

Ok to Breast Milk Thru Bottlr and Formula Feed?

The most important thing is for your daughter to get the food that she needs... so give her all of the breast milk that you have, and then supplement with as ...

Milk Allergy and Breast Feeding

We found out about his milk allergy when I started supplementing him .... Mix it with breast milk. I feed her rice cereal every morning and i put the ...

Putting Breastfed Baby on Formula

I found that when I had to supplement my kids with formula that they liked the carnation good start. It was the most like breast milk and easy for them to ...

Help! I Need More

It might be the "big guns" you need if Mother's Milk tea (with Fenugreek) isn't effective. You can also supplement with formula at the breast using a ...

He Won't Take Formula

I was reading in a health book that when you need to supplement breast milk, you should use a soy-based formula and then add a small amount of papaya (put ...
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