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Rice Cereal in Breastmilk

You can get it from any health food store and it is safe for the baby. Definitely worth it since formula is so much money and the benefits of breast milk ...

12 Month Old with Frequent Vomiting

I haven't really noticed a particular offending food The pediatrician just says ..... Try process of elimination of the breast milk and the foods you feed. ...

Breastmilk Needs

He eats solids like a champ, both baby food and finger foods... I think he would eat until he burst if I didn't stop him! I figure his current breastmilk ...


Breastmilk. thank you everyone for your replies . im so happy to know there is ... It's an herb that you can get at any health food or vitamin store. ...

9 Month Old Not Taking Enough Breastmilk???

9 Month Old Not Taking Enough Breastmilk??? Hi. My 9 month old daughter eats three times a day--regular people food. She started refusing baby food about a ...

Using Thawed Breast Milk....

Read all 12 responses: "I thawed some breastmilk in the frigde yesterday and didn't use it. ... they usually don't recommend to do that again to the food. ...

4 Month Old Will Not Drink Breastmilk or Formula

If this is the case with your son, that is why he is refusing food. Mixing cereal into the breast milk or formula will only make things worse if this is ...

Trouble with Changing from Breastmilk to Formula

I am very happy that he has had the breastmilk, but i really dont want to continue to pump until he eats solid food. I will do it if i have to, ...

Fenugreek for Breastmilk Stimulation?

Breast milk IS the perfect food for the first YEAR of life and research is showing more and more that the earlier we start babies on food the more digestive ...

Anyone Ever Use "Fenugreek" to Increase Breast Milk Supply?

... Whole food Store or Asia World Market, International Food Market, or any Indian or Mexican ... Increasing Breastmilk Using Herbal Supplement Fenugreek ...
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