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Any HS Teachers Out There?

C.W. asks from Lynchburg

Hi All! I have been 'subbing'. Sunday after T day, got my 'first' call from the HS. Apparently, The 'psych' teacher had to have emergency surgery (back) prior t...


My 11 Yr Old Son's Having Pain in His side...for a Few Months now...GI Prob??

C.W. asks from Columbia

my son's been complaining of pain in his right side for months now and yes, of course, i've taken him to the dr for this (many Many times). in short, after 3-4 trips ...


How to Help Baby Sleep During the Day?

R.M. asks from Tucson

Hi, We have an almost 1-month old baby - our first - and on most days I cannot get her to sleep for much of the day. Knock on wood, she will fall asleep after nursi...


15 Month Baby Licking Everything

R.M. asks from New York

My baby licks everything from floor to windows to all toys n of course any shiny object....she is 15 months,is this common?



L.G. asks from Eugene

Many times on this site we see questions written so badly it is hard to answer them. Do you think all the texting that has leaked it's way on to this and other blog ...


My Husband Doesn't Listen!

D.H. asks from Salt Lake City

This is the single most bothersome problem in our marriage right now. For me anyway. He of course just thinks I'm overreacting. His hearing is fine. He didn't use...


Problem with Son Not Using the Bathroom.

A.G. asks from Detroit

I have recently come to find out that my 4 year old son (potty trained at 2 years old) has decided to start using his bedroom floor for the bathroom. He just doesn't...


Full Day Kindergarten Vs. Half Day Kindergarten

M.M. asks from Chicago

Our school district is considering implementing a full day kindergarten program. I'd like to hear from moms or dads that have or have had a child in full day kinderg...


Comcast vs Att

L.Z. asks from Chicago

We had ATT DSL when we lived in the city and loved it. We were 3 buildings away from a hub station though so our speed was very fast, faster than comcast actually. ...


Do You Ever Read Your Own Post or Answer and Correct Your Grammar?

A.S. asks from Boca Raton

I just did it on one of my answers! I noticed that I did not have correct agreement between the noun and the verb (thanks to a modifier phrase with its own noun). ...

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  • they checked his gall bladder in 2 answers "Have they checked his gall bladder? Abdominal pain - esp on the right side - can be ..."
  • check his gall bladder in 2 answers "Have they check his gall bladder?"
  • into an ap class in 2 answers "... see that you are not trying to turn this particular class into an AP class ..."
  • sentence structure in 3 answers "Punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure, fragments, run-ons, improper abbreviations ..."
  • did the right thing in 4 answers "... far as the diagram you found -who wouldn't be concerned? You did the right thing!"