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How to relieve breast pain during weaning?

L.G. answers from Hattiesburg on January 26, 2007 .... Then wrap your breast, bra and all, in an ace bandage to help press the milk out. ...


No jewelry, deoderant, bra. Actually, nothing from the waste up, ... H.G. answers from Detroit on July 26, 2008. Yes, the deoderant can give the illusion of ...

Baby Carriers for Busty Mother

I have a 38I bra size when I'm nursing (maybe larger this time - eek, still growing!) and i've noticed that I .... Baby Carrier/Slings Recommendations · 26 ...

Breast Reduction

Sep 21, 2009 ... In the meantime a good bra might help One friend recommends a Balconette bra from Lane Bryant online .... Mona S commented 26 minutes ago ...

Stopping Breastfeeding Cold Turkey

cabbage leaves in my bra in 2 answersMy fathernlaw was a pharmasist and he told me to put cabbage leaves in my bra to ..... How to Stop Breastfeeing · 26 ...

Seeking Men's White Undershirts: XL Tall

4 answers. J.K. asks from Round Lake, IL on October 26, 2009 ... M.B. answers from Chicago on October 26, 2009 ... Good Bra ...

Lactation After Weaning

I am trying the tight sports bra out for a couple of weeks, like suggested. We' ll see if that helps any. .... E.M. answers from Lawrence on March 26, 2008 ...

Early Puberty?... Should I Be Concerned?

M.C. answers from Dothan on October 26, 2009. I had to get my first bra at 5 and was a D cup by 6th grade. now I am a 38H and only 5'1. some girls start ...

Breastfeeding Clothing

Sep 22, 2009 ... Buy a pack of shelfbra camisols from Costco and wear them under your regular shirts It's the cheapest way to go ...

"Rash" Under Breasts

I have been getting a rash under my breasts (where my bra sits) that is the same thing as Athlete's Foot. ..... Fungal Infection in 17 Month Old · 26 ...
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  • cabbage leaves in my bra in 2 answers "My father-n-law was a pharmasist and he told me to put cabbage leaves in my bra to ..."
  • can cause an allergic reaction in 2 answers "... beverages with aspartame or splenda in them which can cause an allergic reaction ..."
  • bag of frozen peas in 2 answers "... mothers also find cold compresses help with the discomfort (a bag of frozen peas ..."
  • them by their crotch in 2 answers "... that leaves their legs dangling straight down and hangs them by their crotch ..."
  • just enough to ease the pain in 2 answers "You actully should pump just enough to ease the pain."