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Looking for Cute Stylish Maternity Clothes, New or Used!

A.H. asks from Dallas

Hi! I am 5'9" and usually a size 8 or medium. I am 15 weeks pregnant with my first baby and things are beginning to get quite snug especially my bottoms... Doe anyo...


Tips for Making the Seasonal Swap-out of the Kids Clothes Any Easier?

S.G. asks from Philadelphia

Hey mamas. If there is one thing I dread, it's the time of year when I have to go thru the kids clothes to swap out those that don't fit and change for the season. ...


Gently Used Kids Clothes

S.F. asks from San Francisco

Good Morning Mommies, I am mother of 3 boys, 1-4 years and 2-2 years and am looking for gently used clothing. I have been checking out local thrift stores but selec...


Naked 2Yr Old Boy!!! Loves to Take off His Clothes All Day Long.

D.G. asks from Chicago

How do I get my two year old from taking off his clothes. I solved the diaper removal by duct taping his diaper tabs but he can still get off his clothes. I tried p...


Concert Clothes for Orchestra Performances

B.C. asks from Minneapolis

Two of my daughters are in youth symphony this year and I need to get concert attire for them. This includes black dress pants, white long sleeved blouses and nice b...


4 Yr Old Twin Boys Share Small Room - Trundle Bed or Bunk Bed or Separate Beds?

A.B. asks from Phoenix

We have a super small house with small rooms. My 4 year old twin boys will be sharing a room and we are trying to decide what would be better - a nice wood trundle be...


Silly Question for Stylistas: Denim Shorts for Boys Tacky or Still Trendy?

J.G. asks from Minneapolis

I'm buying some spring clothes for my little guy and for some reason I feel like jean shorts are so 1990's. Yet, I think they'd be a cute convenient style choice...bu...


2 Late Teen Boys - Arghhhhh!

R.W. asks from Cleveland

I have to vent more than query...I'd love to hear more resolutions because I keep telling myself this shall pass... 19 year old "bombed out" of a good college opportu...


Clothes That Fit for 2 Year Old

N.J. asks from Dayton

I have an almost two year old and I am having a hard time finding bottoms ( pants, skirts, etc) that fit. She is very skinny and tall. All the 24 month and 2T sizes a...


Cell Phone and Friends for Young Teen Boys

K.B. asks from Seattle

My 13 year old boy has not once this year invited any of his friends home. I've asked him many times to ask someone over and even offered him $. I worry about his fr...

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  • fell off the top bunk in 2 answers "High, her son fell off the top bunk and died."
  • adjustable waist pants in 3 answers "I have found that the adjustable waist pants are great."
  • adjustable waist band in 2 answers "... found that pants that fit him with length and contain an adjustable waist band ..."
  • elastic band inside in 2 answers "... my daughter some pants from a consignment sale that have an elastic band inside ..."
  • denim shorts in 6 answers "I was just looking online for my son (3) also and saw denim shorts."