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One Year Old Shoes

I always took my boys to payless(still do), we have to be careful how much we spend and ..... Go to payless's website and print off a shoe size chart for ...

Fat Baby Feet

The size charts vary with each company, especially for baby shoes. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This .... pediped shoes · boys shoes sizes ...

When to Put a Child in Hard Soled Shoes

I didn't know Robeez came in bigger sizes and when I started looking I ... As far a wearing hard soled shoes, my boys didn't wear them when they were ...

How to find good pair of first shoes for infant with wide feet

Once you get the correct size you can often find new shoes on ebay for cheaper ..... we will never go anywhere else until our boys grow out of their sizes. ...

Baby Shoes

I agree that it is much harder to find shoes for boys. My son will be 4 in Nov, wears a size 13 already and has narrow feet. It's very hard to find shoes ...

3 Year Old, Peeling Toes

My kids had the peeling toes when their feet would sweat in their shoes. .... boys shoes size 13 · seattle events march · stretch my leather shoes ...

Recommendations for Baby's First Pair of Shoes?

Not all shoes are the same. For instance Nike's are a 1/2 size to a full size diffrent then ... We used them for our boys for their first shoes. Helpful? ...

How Fast Do Toddler Feet Grow?

My daughter changes a shoe size every 3-4 months or so. .... I have boy/twins also born in Sept of 07. Usually they grow every 3 to 4 month. ...

Shoes for My 10 Month Old

It is better for them not to wear shoes until they are good at walking. ..... infant shoes · boys shoes size 12 · toddler boy shoes · boys shoes sizes ...

How to choose the best first walking shoes?

Once they're walking well, make sure the shoes you get have enough flex in them- -you don't want a stiff sole for him. My boys wore Robeez forever--we LOVED ...
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