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Why Won't He Wear His Shoes?

Yes, he is the kid that will wear the same shoes until they are completely falling apart. When this happens..." ... Need Help W/ Boys Shoes! ...

Shoes for a New Walker

Alamo has adorable boys shoes too and a good selection but you won't find a bargain there. Good luck! Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This ...

Cleaning Stride Rite Tennis Shoes

Read all 5 responses: "My kids stride rite tennis shoes could use a good cleaning. The Magic Eraser works well but it doesn't ... Need Help W/ Boys Shoes ! ...

Need Suggestions on Where to Buy Shoes for Toddler with Wide Feet

Both of my boys have very wide feet. Gotskinds in Naperville carries a variety of shoes that fit them. They also have a store in Glen Ellyn. Helpful? ...

Stride Rite Shoes

I am wondering where I can get some Stride Rite shoes. ... We started going there because my both my boys have extra wide feet and we could not find their ...

Tough Shoes

Hi I am a mother of three kids a 8yr old boy a 6 yr old boy and a about to be 2 tomorrow little girl. My boys go thru shoes so often and walmart never has a ...

Winter Boots for Son with the "Square" Foot.

all 3 of my boys have really wide feet. They usually get Stride RIte shoes as well. We get all of our shoes and boots from Peterson Shoes in Dowtown Anoka ...

Need Recommendation for Infant Shoes That Stay On

I wholeheartedly recommend Robeez, or any of the Robeez-style shoes. ... Hi S... .my boys were the same way. Never wanted a thing on their feet. ...

Stride Rite Outlet?

We are in need of buying our boys their first pair of shoes, and we don't have a clue about how to go about this. We've been given the advice to try Stride ...

Taking Shoes off at Daycare

When my boys were little we would select the shoes that had the "fastest run in them" or the "highest jump". Sounds silly, but you would be surprised at ...
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  • shoes from stride rite in 2 answers "... this can help someone later, i've bought MANY pair of shoes from Stride Rite ..."
  • there is a stride rite store in 2 answers "There is a Stride Rite store in Bossier City at the River Walk."
  • stride rite boots in 2 answers "Last winter when was 15-19 months he wore the Stride Rite boots and they were plenty ..."
  • stride rite shoes in 2 answers "We too have had good luck with the Stride Rite shoes for our little guy's wide feet."
  • stride rite shoes in 2 answers "5 and has always had Stride Rite shoes."