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Un-athletic Boy

My son maintains he did not suffer from not playing sports, though he was not friends with the regular guys. he also went into Boy Scouts and liked that a ...

Mother of Six Boys

It is very fun, very loud and active--- I would love to associate with other moms who have a pack of boys, especially those with boys in scouts, ...

Need Advice on Inviting to B-day Party!!!

The boy just started scouts last year and my son says they are not really friends ..... You can not just leave ONE boy out of the whole cub scout troop. ...

Being a Single Mom Coping W/ Adhd and Raising a Child

... dates for me and the kids, dr appointment, days off from work and school, boy scout/girl scout meeting, and anything else that happens to come up). ...

Bullying-How Do You Handle

Don't give up, Scouting is a great thing. My 2 boys have been in Scouting .... I am involved very much in the Boy Scouts(son is in a troop, and I am a Tiger ...

Moody 8 Year Old

I like to say that boys "cry from age 6 to 10". It's been true for both of my sons, & I've noticed it's quite typical at sports/scout events too (for this ...

Low Self My!

I would recommend you get him involved in cub scouts and later boy scouts. There , he'll be able to accomplish things at his own pace and these will all be ...

My 7-Year Old Son Too Shy to Ask Questions and Join Group Activities in School

Oct 28, 2009 ... I think that Boy Scouts will be GREAT! They build self confidence & self esteem. My middle son was the same way and I enrolled him in Tae ...

Child Being Excluded from Activity

I too have a special needs childboy and would not take kindly to his being intentionally left out of an .... Helpful Information Regarding Boy Scouts ...

Lonely 10 Year Old

Sep 25, 2009 ... I am not sure at his age if it is Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts or if he is still too young but that is a nice organization for him to get ...
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  • talk to the other troop leader in 2 answers "... kind of behavior from an adult or a child. Maybe talk to the other troop leader ..."
  • cub scout leader in 2 answers "Not sure how your discussions go with the cub scout leader."
  • girl scout leaders in 2 answers "the brownie/girl scout leaders are under the direction of someone up higher than they ..."
  • all boys are into sports in 2 answers "... to get that pressure, which is unfortunate because not all boys are into sports."
  • funny are great qualities in 2 answers "Cute, smart and funny are great qualities in a 9 year old."