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Potty Training Expertise Requested!!

Sep 16, 2009 ... According to my motherinlaw she had all three of her boys potty trained by the time they were one My two were 16 months apart so when it ...

Potty Training

I would start introducing him to the potty now Set up his potty with special toys games books that are only for use in the potty It's harded to train boys I ...

Does Not like the Potty!

I am certainly no expert on potty training but I have 2 boysnow ages 5 and 7 .... Beth Y added this item Potty training boys is disgusting There is no way ...

Potty Training... Going on 6 Months

Aug 28, 2009 ... Beth Y added this item Potty training boys is disgusting There is no way around this Keep a bottle of lysol spray and paper towels in the ...

Best Time to Potty Train

I wanted to know when would be the best time to potty train him. I don't want to start to early or to late. ... potty for boys · boy or girl predictor ...

Travel Potty Seat

Sep 4, 2009 ... Read all 14 responses: "Any suggestions on a good travel potty seat (not chair). ... Even last year when my boys were 4 & 6. I actually keep it in my car ...

My Potty Training Dilema?? Please Help

Oct 1, 2009 ... I too have heard that boys are later, but do they have to be? I have also heard that if you don't potty train them by the time they are 2, you have missed a ...

Potty Training

Have you ever heard of a book called "once upon a potty?". If you can find that it just might help. That book helped me train all my boys and it was ...

Potty Training My Boy!!

Read all 9 responses: "I want to start potty training and we bought a toilet and he went "kinda" in it once and now doesn't have much to do with it.

Potty Training

D when I trained my little boy to potty I started out him peeing outside It was super fun for him to go outside and pee on rocks leaves and things like that ...
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  • big boy underwear in 3 answers "I have to agree with the other mother, going straight to big boy underwear worked ..."
  • potette plus in 3 answers "We used the Potette Plus - it's not exactly a fold-up potty chair but it can be a ..."
  • go cold turkey in 2 answers "hmmm: two choices...either go cold turkey & live on the potty for several days."
  • didnt potty train in 2 answers "My son didn't potty train till about 3 1/2."
  • fold up one in 2 answers "I have the fold up one and hate it."