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Looking for a Summer Activity for My 2 Boys

Read all 14 responses: "I have 2 boys ages 8 and 10. I am really at a loss over what to do with them this summer while I am at work.

I Need Help Decorating My Baby Boy's Room

Read all 16 responses: "We are expecting our baby boy in about a month, and I don't have a clue how to do the room. We have everything ready except for the ...

I Need Gift Ideas for 9 Boys Who Deserve an "Atta Boy"

Sep 9, 2009 ... Read all 8 responses: "I have a group of cub scouts that have been working hard to sell popcorn (our main fundraiser) out of 50 boys only 9 ...

Do 5 Year Old Boys Have Growing Pains in Legs?

Read all 21 responses: "Hi Moms- I have a handsome 5 year old son that has been complaining of his calves hurting. My mother & I thought they were growing ...

16 Month Twin Boys Not Walking Yet

Read all 28 responses: "Hello! My sister has 16 month twin boys that are not walking yet. They stand up against the couch, but don't want to walk when you ...

Good TV Shows for 5-7 Year Old Boys?

Jul 17, 2009 ... Read all 26 responses: "I'm looking for some recommendations for good, wholesome (but not too juvenile) shows for boys in the 5-7-ish age ...

Can't Decide on a Boy's Name

Read all 26 responses: "Since there was just a bunch of great responses to a request for a girl's name, I thought maybe people would have suggestions for a ...

Poll: Boys and Stuffed Animals.

Read all 40 responses: "Ok, I'm polling people. My son LOVES stuffed animals. He is 5 years old. My husband believes that he is getting too old for them and ...

Good Dog Breeds for Active Boys

Read all 5 responses: "I am thinking about a bull dog for my sons. I've done a little research on the breed and it seems perfect for my family, ...

Boys Sports Besides Baseball and Football

Sep 10, 2009 ... Read all 6 responses: "I have a ten year old that only wants to play football. Any suggestions for me, other than baseball? North valley?
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