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Disrespect Among Girl Scout Troop

I am a Girl Scout leader and have been for many years. I have a group of girls right now that are very ... Helpful Information Regarding Boy Scouts ...

Low Self My!

I would recommend you get him involved in cub scouts and later boy scouts. There , he'll be able to accomplish things at his own pace and these will all be ...

Activities for Children with ADHD

Right now he is in Boy Scout, but I would like to be involed in sports. .... My son is in Boy Scouts and Tae Kwon Do. The karate has elevated his self ...

Looking for a Summer Activity for My 2 Boys

Boy Scouts should also run camps that are open to non-Scouts. The ones I am thinking of are run by older Scout troops, to achieve their awards, ...

Seeking Sheduling Help

My 11 year old goes to piano lessons once a week and Boy Scouts once a week. My 7 and 9 year old take gymnastics together once a week (which is right by and ...

Catering for Event

We made great centerpieces that included a dimensional 10 teepee lit up by battery operated lights inside The Boy Scout store had neat novelty items that we ...

How to Make Popcorn

I just supported our neighbor and bought some boy scout popcorn. My husband and I were thinking ..... That is nice that you supported your local Boy Scouts! ...

I Want to Get My 12 Year Old Girl Involved in a Club with Other Kids

I was in girl scouts as a kid and it's really alot of fun. They go to camp and have daddy-daughter weekends. .... Helpful Information Regarding Boy Scouts ...

Parenting Plan Advice

When the kids started school and boy scouts(boyscouts met on wednesday) we changed it: Every other weekend and 3 times a semester we would take the kids to ...

Highschool Sophomore Need Curriculm for Him Please!!!!

Boy scouts can offer him a place to interact with other boys his age and learn important skills and also be involved in service. I hope some of this helps. ...
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