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Abnormal (Fused?) Baby Teeth

But they aren't identical, like most cute little bottom baby teeth I've seen..." ... even though her primary lower incisors were fused. ...

Teeth Not Coming In

I was missing all my baby lateral incisors. I ended up not having the adult ... is just now starting to cut hers on top, still not showing on the bottom. ...

Grinding Teeth

She juts her lower jaw out to the side and rubs her two bottom teeth against her ... I noticed it when her upper lateral incisors were beginning to erupt. ...

Advice About Permanant Teeth Crowding Baby Teeth.

A full stinkin' year of making that permanent incisor wait in he back, ... His two bottom teeth were loose but his permanent teeth had come in already ...

1 Year Old Has No Teeth

She just got her incisors within the last 6 months...her 2 yr molars still haven 't arrived. ..... 15 Month Old Does Not 2 of Her Front Bottom Teeth ...

Siamese Tooth

(the fused teeth were one in front and an incisor on the side)She is 8 now, and her 3 normal lower front teeth have .... Vicks VapoRub on Bottom of Feet . ...

11 Month Old Seems like She Has Insomnia!

She's now sleeping great..even though now her incisors are coming in. Good luck. Helpful? .... Vicks VapoRub on Bottom of Feet . ...

7 1/2 Month Old Refusing Breast & Bottle!

The first teeth to appear are the lower central incisors and they often appear at about the six months stage of life. .... Vicks VapoRub on Bottom of Feet . ...

16 Month Old Teething

C.K. asks from Boston

Hi My 16 month old has been later than her older sister was in getting her teeth, which I know is normal but they seem to be coming in an odd order. She's gotten h...

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