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Tail Bone Pain in Pregnancy?

Doughnut pillow, boppy pillow, any thing to keep the pressure off your tailbone, also make sure your OB is awear of it- Good Luck. Helpful? ...

New Baby on the Way... What Do I Need?

I also recommend the boppy newborn son loved it also. ..... The boppy newborn pillow, the baby papasan bouncer and the bumbo seat. ...

Tummy Time

Try putting him up on the boppy pillow. I did this for my kids and they loved ... With the boppy i will be on his tummy, but in the same position as when he ...

Not Comfortable When Breastfeeding- Need Advice

I used my Boppy every time, I used a ton of pillows and different holds ( although ... I will definately be trying the MyBreastFriend in place of the Boppy. ...

Breastfeeding Twins

I was wondering if other mothers of twins out there use a boppy? ... I have one of the larger, foam nursing pillows (like a boppy but bigger and firmer, ...

Baby Won't Nap in Crib

Do you use a boppy? I found with my daughter, who was exactly the same way, that keeping the boppy under her when she fell asleep and then moving her to her ...

Looking for a Great Maternity Pillow

I am 27 weeks along with baby #2 and have been using the Boppy Total Body Pillow for ... I bought the Boppy Maternity pillow at Target and have loved it ...

My Brest Friend

One thing to keep in mind is that the boppy has many more uses with your baby. ... The boppy is much more my style. I can pull it close when I need it, ...

Tummy Time

Stay with her and don't worry about the Boppy. Get down on the floor so she ... The sooner, the better, but don't use the boppy. Just put a blanket on the ...

Best Baby Shower Gifts and Ideas for Games

The best shower gifts we got were a bouncy seat (the Boppy brand one) and ... Boppy pillow. Jogging stroller. Gerber Burp Rags (get lots..go through 3 a day ...
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  • tail bone pain in 2 answers "I had tail bone pain! I did pelvic rocks and my pain was lessoned dramatically."
  • just put a blanket on the floor in 2 answers "I would not use the boppy, just put a blanket on the floor and lay her down."
  • happiest baby on the block in 2 answers "My husband and I absolutely loved the DVD/book The Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey ..."
  • snap in car seat in 2 answers "1) Get a padded stroller instead of using the snap in car seat type for infants."
  • put him on his tummy in 2 answers "I tried every day to put him on his tummy but he would just cry."