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Toddler Unbuckling Herself from Booster Seat

Your 2 yr old should not be in a booster seat. The law states they need to be at least four years old and 40 lbs. No 2 yr old should be in booster. ...

Booster Seat for 4 Yr Old.

Read all 16 responses: "I need help selecting a booster seat. ... Because of the changes in the wording of the law (HB183), the following legal ...

Booster Seat?

The Texas law that just went into effect says that children under 8 or less that 4'9" tall must ride in a booster seat. It does not make specific that the ...

What Are the Requirements to Let a Child Ride in the Front Seat?

He's been bugging me to let him ride in the front seat since many of his peers are doing this. ... health insurance laws · booster seat requirements ...

Highchair vs Sitting in a Booster

Our son was in a booster seat at 11 months. I was so tired of the big, .... Well , my sister in law decided she wanted it back so we are now using one of ...

Georgia Moms

"changes in State Law that go into effect as of July 1 st . Under the new law children under age six will be required to be in a car seat or booster seat ...

Need Booster Seat Advice

California law states that children must be at least 6 yrs old and/or 60 lbs. before they don't need to use a booster seat. Check with the local police or ...

Booster Seat Rentals?

I'm lending him my car, but do not have a booster seat he can use. He may need two with the new law, but I'm wondering if anyone out there knows of a place ...

Help! Toddler Unbuckles While Driving!

And yes the California law is 4 and 40 so I was in the wrong to put him in a booster seat this early, but after reading about Kyle being ejected and killed ...

Booster Seat in Car

Most states require 4 yrs AND 40 lbs, call your local police dept and find out what the law is in your state. The thing is a seat belt is all a booster uses ...
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